The   B u c k a r o o s t e r s

                            Created in 1998 with Keith Lowe while on the road with the play ‘A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline’

                                                   as a tribute to the then-living-legend of country music  Buck Owens.

                                                 We re-create his music with all of the precision and good humor intact.


                                                                                                 The Players:


                                                                  Dave Keenan                        Telecaster and vocals

                                                                  Dave Ellis                              Rhythm guitar and vocals

                                                                  Nova ‘She-Buck’  Devonie    Bass and vocals

                                                                  Dan Tyack                             Pedal steel

                                                                  Kelly Van Camp                     Drums


“All Buck Owens, All The Time”

when we met Buck he asked   
“do you got a tape or somethin’?”        “yup!”

Velvet Ellis